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  • LaChrisa Pernell (Thursday, August 27 20 07:45 am EDT)

    I knew Reggie before he started training me. We always joked that if he train me, he would have to start me out on the baby training lol! I started with Byu Boi Fitness in March and he did not start me slow but he explained everything I was doing what benefits it could have on my body. If I would have taken the training serious from the beginning, I would have been half way to my goal. I am happy to say Reggie stayed on me and now I’m more serious. From last month weigh in (July) to this month weigh in (August) I lost 13 pounds! I am real happy with the training and the level of professionalism he show even tho we were friends first!

  • Janelle (Tuesday, August 28 18 06:13 pm EDT)

    Not only did I get a great workout, but I had fun. I came in lost weight and gained muscle and worked on my shape. If you want results and to have a good time with a trainer that wants the best for you...if you're serious ByuBoiFiTraining is the place to be.

Upcoming Event

Who: Reginald Hill DBA By_u Boi FiTraining 

What: Fitness Boot Camp

When: TBA in 2020

Where: Carl Lewis (Community Center)

Why: Fitness and Fun 

Fee:  $10.00 

Start Time:  TBA

Duration:  2 hours

Needed Gear:  Towel, Water and Fortitude


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